Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Rolling cart for the library!

What in the world? Why are my photos not rotating properly? This was fine in the photo program I used to resize. Sorry. Just turn your head.

EEE! I have been wanting a crate-on-wheels for awhile, and finally got one. I bought it online at Rainbow Resource, but after my purchase I have also spotted them at office supply stores and craft stores.

I hope it lasts a long time. And I hope it hauls a metric ton of books before it conks out on me.

Children's books can be large and heavy. I used to take a few tote bags, but come on. I GOT THREE KIDZ.

Last week during the preschool story hour, I got to test out my new crate.

It folds up compactly, and has a long, telescoping handle. Comes with some stabilizer bar things for the sides.

It worked well, and we've used it for a second trip already.

And bonus? It fits in a nook in my laundry room. So now, all of our library books can live in that crate instead of in tote bags.

<3 libraries.

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