Here's a list of the handwriting resources I own. I'm including our Kumon books here because they are pre-writing fine motor skill activities (and I didn't know where else to put them!). Kumon books are often 4-for-3 on Amazon, so that helps save. If buying several, you could also check out Homeschool Buyers Co-Op and do a price comparison.

Johnny is about halfway through all of his Kumon books. We tried to go slow, to let his skills continue developing elsewhere. I've seen such an improvement in his fine motor control, and I think these books have helped quite a bit. We've gone weeks (months?) in between uses though, and we should probably pick them back up.

Johnny is a leftie, so that's why Handwriting Without Tears appealed to me -- the worksheets cater to kids who favor either hand. I also like the multi-sensory aspect, but I'm wondering if it's overkill. I'll be able to use a lot of it with both kids and sell some of the materials later...but still. Hope I'm not regretting all of those items.

I bought ahead with these, because Johnny likes writing letters and his name and I wanted some tools for showing him how to form letters properly, and for knowing age-appropriate language to use.

Not sure that I'll do the exact same books for Vivie. It'll depend on where she's at this fall. I do expect I'll have something for her to do, in part to keep her occupied while I'm helping Johnny with things, but also she seems to like coloring and doing those little activities.

Handwriting Without Tears:

  • Preschool "My First School" workbook (but no manual...and I'm not sure if this book is worthless without it)
  • Kindergarten workbook and teacher's manual
  • 1st grade workbook
  • Roll-a-Dough Letters
  • Stamp and See Screen
  • Writing slates (2) and chalk and tiny sponges

A Reason for Handwriting teacher guidebook --
Some Amazon reviewers say this book isn't necessary at all, but another reviewer says it's helpful for the older levels. I picked it up really cheap at HPB and figured it would help me see an overview of this program so I could better compare it to HWT.

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