Here's a listing of curricula/resources I own that don't neatly fit into other categories. I'm sharing this list to help keep track of what's in my closet (eep!) and also in case any friends have questions about something, I could loan it out or answer as best as I can.

My Father's World Kindergarten deluxe package -- Looks like a lot of fun! I think the deluxe materials will be well worth it. Here's more of why I chose this for our preschool or kindergarten. I don't know which we'll do yet.

Developing the Early Learner vol. 1-4 -- I've heard about these workbooks via Timberdoodle and Sonlight. These books are supposed to help children develop various perception skills -- auditory, visual, motor, comprehension. It's different! I picked up this set when the price was a little lower, but also had some store credit to use so it was very cheap. Not sure if it's worth the full price, though you could just get the first book to try it out. Perhaps I'll use a dry-erase sheet on top of it so all 3 kids can use it.

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