Monday, May 26, 2014

I just bought All About Reading level 3 for 40% off

Evaluating my current phonics supplements and curriculum in the last post helped me to see that we really like All About Reading. A lot. My biggest hangup with the program is the price, and even then if I spread it out for 3 children and sell the materials after we're's not a big investment at all.

Because come on. Learning how to read is kind of important. Just a little. Sorta.

So when I saw that Mardel is offering a 40% off coupon good for one regular-priced item (**TODAY ONLY!**), I had hoped I could snatch up AAR level 2. Nope, it's sold out.

But they had level 3! Regularly $119, I got it with free shipping for $71ish.

What a deal.

So ah...I think that means we will be sticking with AAR throughout. Heh.

I'll need to watch for a sale from this site or others for level 2, though we still have plenty of time. I don't expect Johnny to get to level 3 for awhile yet. A few years, even. But still, 40% off is worth it, to me.

Go to Mardel to see if there's anything you could use for your kids. Wheee!

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