Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Finally big enough for the preschool library class!

There's a preschool program at my library for ages 3.5 - 6. Johnny has been old enough for a long time, but I knew that if he went without Vivienne, she'd lose her mind about it. So I've been patiently waiting for her to be roughly 3.5 so they could both do the class.

They did the 45-minute (sans parent) program this morning and it went really well! They colored, listened to two stories and they made a baseball player craft. The craft was way more involved than anything I've attempted at home, and they did well.

Uh, I have no idea why J's pic is upside down. Can't rotate it within this program so whatever.

When I peeked in on occasion, I was happy to see them following instructions and doing what they were supposed to do. YAY.

Amelia and I browsed for books and checked out. Lately I've just been reserving a bunch of books and skipping the browsing, but earlier this week we browsed for books and today it was nice to browse and grab books for our next MFWK unit.

They've been enjoying books on CD packs. It comes with the CD and one or two copies of the book. Fun.

I borrowed an episode of Little Pim Spanish and they're watching it now. Last year (thereabouts) when I had them watch it, they weren't super into it. But right now, I hear no complaints.

I plan for them to learn Spanish, at least minimally conversationally, and right now my aim is just to expose them to the sounds of the language. If they pick up a word here or there, cool.

Anyway, I'm so glad the preschool program went well with the kids. There's a class that does include Vivie's age group, but Johnny would be too big for it. Finally! They can do it together! I've got them signed up for two more times this month, and then it'll be onto summer programming, which I hope to participate in as well.

<3 libraries!

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