Wednesday, June 18, 2014

More Lego fun

Over the weekend, Vivie, Amelia and I went to the mall and visited both the Disney Store and the Lego store. FUN. I haven't been to a mall for...1.5 years? 2 years? I don't know.

At the Lego store, we made 6 minifigures and filled a small bucket from the pick-a-brick wall. There's an art to filling the bucket to get as many pieces as you possibly can.

For instance, I knew Johnny wanted to make more cars. So I got him some wheels. Rather than toss the wheels in the bucket, I put the inner piece inside each wheel. No empty space! And I arranged them carefully.

I got an assortment of interesting pieces and ended up with 133 pieces for the $8 or $9 that the bucket cost. If I didn't have two little girls with me and thought it through a little more, I think I could have fit even more.

For instance, there's a space in the lid that I could have jammed a few pieces in.

So anyway. So fun! He's totally loving his eBay sets and now the extra pieces we have. A good investment. And, they've both been really good about keeping pieces on the lid or tray and putting them away when they're finished.

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