Thursday, April 3, 2014

All About Reading level 1: Completed lesson 14

We've been hit-or-miss with doing our AAR lately -- I sorta slowed down a little bit to give Johnny a little more practice with where he's at. And also, I'm not in any hurry anyway.

Today we finished lesson 14 of 49. We learned the sounds for "qu" and "x" and I believe we've hit all the vowel sounds now. Johnny sometimes gets the sound wrong, for example saying "pit" instead of "pet" so I'll point to the vowel and say "the 'e' says...?" and he'll get it.

We forgot a worksheet from lesson 12, so we did that today, too. It was a cute rhyming sorting game. We cut out three monkeys named Ned, Peg, and Dot. We then cut out 15 bananas on one side and words on the other. Johnny had to feed the banana to the monkey with the rhyming name.

Vivie wanted to get in on this activity and so after Johnny was done, I let her do it. She was pretty good!

So a few posts back, I wrote that I ended up buying the letter tiles because I perceived that they were really needed. They are for a really hands-on kid...but we have been skipping them lately. We might add them back, but it's just extra time and hassle to get them out. :/

I can see how they'd be needed for spelling, and for more complicated sound combos.

Instead, I just point to the words in my teacher's manual and he reads them there rather than manipulating the letters.

The stories in the reader have been entertaining and his fluency is definitely improving. He has a good attitude about his work.

It's still a great fit for him and it's getting the job done.

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