Sunday, June 16, 2013

Swimming lessons are over, and a mile!

The kids finished their swimming lessons last week. Eight lessons total, and they ... wait for it ...

blew my expectations out of the water.

Heh! I'm here all week.

It took two classes for Vivie to really relax and uncling from me. Then, she started to be comfortable enough to explore more of what the instructor would have her do. Except, she didn't want the instructor anywhere near her. She'd give her the stink eye and wait for her to move on, and then she'd do what I told her. Sorta.

Ok, then.

Vivie enjoyed kicking like a frog, kicking like she's riding a bicycle, and then kicking like a frog riding a bicycle (??) while I held her at her waist. She blew bubbles in the water on occasion, and on one day I did dip her all the way under the water.

I held her nose for her and told her to close her mouth, and then dunk! She didn't like it at all, but she didn't cry.

She liked jumping from the side, but only if my hands were already on her. No blind-faith leaps. This was fine...but she is 30+ lbs. flying at me from shoulder-height and whoa, I got a workout.

Johnny's class went so well. I can't believe this is the same kid who as a toddler, regarded water and bath time as the ultimate form of torture. He listened to the teacher and tried to do all that was asked of him. His report card showed that he needs more practice with being underwater...but overall I think he did great!

Each day, all of the preschoolers gathered in a corner together while one instructor talked about safety and general swimming things. After a few minutes, they broke off to go with their individual teachers. The first two days, I helped him find his teacher. After that, I had him do it on his own. I thought it would be a good thing for him to do. Of course, I watched him the entire way from across the pool to make sure he made it to the right place.

On the last day of class, he even went off the diving board. What. There were two instructors/life guards in the water -- one to catch and one to assist getting them to the side. There was another guard standing right on the side, so I think they had the safety thing covered.

An instructor walked right behind Johnny, pushing encouraging him along and then dropped him in. His head didn't even go under, which probably relieved him a lot. Big smiles as he got to the side. He got in line to do it again, but let other kids in front :).

Class was over at that point.

Oh, and also on the last day the kids were given tiny inner tubes to use so they could more independently paddle around the water. We were given pool noodles. Such fun!

I'm planning to practice their skills at the hotel pool on our vacation later this summer. And also going to the public pool here.

Overall, money well spent. I wasn't even sure if the kids would get in the water every day, let alone participate. So proud!

* * *

Today, Johnny ran a mile on a track. Previously, he did 2 laps I think? Maybe 3 total at some point. Anyway, he heard I used to be pretty good at running a mile (way back in my high school days) and he thought he'd see if he could do it, too. He also heard how Daddy ran a marathon, so he's got his eye on that, too. :)

So, we all headed over to a school and he ran those 4 laps! Mostly running, with some walking. A mom-enforced water break after each lap and a minute or so to catch his breath and he was off again. I think it took him 13-15 minutes?

Vivie ran about 50m and then walked to the 200m mark and found a nice bench to sit on. Hehe!

Mama did no running. Didn't wanna, and since I haven't run in awhile I didn't want to mess with balance issues with the baby.

Daddy ran along side Johnny and took a victory lap with Vivie on piggy-back.

All we have to do now is teach the kids how to ride a bike, and I guess we'll get them signed up for the Iron Man or something. Sports!

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