Monday, January 21, 2013

Family Game Night - January 2013 Kiwi Crate contents

We received our second Kiwi Crate in the mail Friday, and I've opened it and looked at the contents and I can't wait to dig in with my kids.

I know it can be a lot of fun for the child to open it himself, but I'd rather have a bit more control of when we do the activities.

I hid the box and photographed it from my closet. Heh.

Since last month's crate was huge success and Vivie participated as well, I thought it would be worth adding the sibling option for an extra $8. Some months it might be well worth the add-on, but others I can see how they could share the contents easily.

For instance, last month's Arctic Adventure was a one-kid option, and there were absolutely enough materials to share.

Here's what's in the box:

My Board Game

  • Sturdy game board for decorating and sticking on game pieces (x2)
  • Card stock punch-out colorful squares for gluing onto game board (x2)
  • Card stock game pieces (x2)
  • Glue stick
  • Two wooden game tokens to decorate (x2)
  • One wood cube block for a colorful die (x2)
  • Pack of thin markers. Not marked washable, but then again we're going to color on things that we don't want to smudge with usage  so maybe that's fine for this activity (STAY CLOSE BY THOUGH, EEP!)
  • Beautiful instruction guide for making game board and also game instructions
Comet Toss game
  • Silky purple square (x2)
  • Green squishy ball (x2)
  • Bingo card (x2)
  • Ribbon (x2)
  • Tape squares for assembling the paper loops (! Tape! How about that?)
  • Sturdy papers to make circles to toss the comet in (x1 set)
  • Instructions
Also included: Two samples of their homemade valentine kits. Looks like we'll have enough materials to make 2 cute little Valentines.

We're going to do the comet toss game after lunch. I've taken the other materials out of the box, so when he opens it we can focus on that one activity.

I think this will be a fun time for us. Kiwi Crate would be a good gift idea to a mom who just had a baby, and who also has 3-7 year-olds. 

P.S. they also have online "explore more" extension activities, featuring book suggestions, online videos to view and more at-home games. 

Here's my affiliate link, good for $10 off your first box (with no commitment for future months but you would need to cancel) and it's also good for a $10 credit for me. Thanks!

Will report back on what the kids thought, and if the sibling add-on pack was worth it.

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