Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A peek at our week

We're battling yet another head cold, so we've been mostly trying to rest/avoid total boredom from not being able to do a lot. It's a fine line.

Wanting to get back in the groove of things and back on the preschool track after a little hiatus, I tried to be more intentional with some of our activities this week.

On Monday, we opened up Johnny's new science kit (gift from the grandparents!). I previewed the contents and instructions by myself the night before, and I was disappointed at the "70 activities" the box advertised. Some of the activities are nothing at all. Many of them build upon the prior.

We used fizzy tablets to make the 3 primary colors in test tubes, mixed the colors, used pipettes to move water around, and added some sort of polymer crystals to the colored water. The crystals swelled up and turned into a jelly-like blob. Kinda fun!

Wednesday, Vivie threw a fit while at Hobby Lobby, so we had to leave before buying anything (big sad! Arg! but ya gotta do it). We came home and she took herself a little nap.

She doesn't nap much anymore, and I'm not sure what this will do to her bedtime, but Johnny and I took the opportunity to have some one-on-one time.

I practiced my fine motor skills (hee!) while cutting out some more felt figures from our new Betty Lukens Through the Bible in Felt package. This is gunna take me awhile.

Johnny did a few pages in his Kumon books -- a coloring page (just coloring in the white circles), a folding page (made a zebra), and several pages in his maze book. Two or three pages to go, and he'll complete the maze book.

It seemed like we should have stopped a few pages back, because he started getting discouraged when his crayon crossed the black line, or if he couldn't immediately see how to get through the maze.

Next activity: We opened up his new Mighty Mind game (gift from the grandparents for Christmas, yay!). It's a tangram activity and he did a good job trying to get the pieces where they should go in the little plastic tray thing. Again though, he got discouraged and said "it's too hard," and that's when I showed him the diagram, and we finished it together.

This "it's too hard" thing is new and I'm not sure where it came from. I'm going to try to keep my attitude positive. I'm definitely not pushing him too hard, so I'm wondering if he just didn't want to do it?

I think we'll put Mighty Mind away for a little while though, so next time will be fresh.

p.s. can someone comment? I don't know if commenting on these posts is easy or if you have to jump through hoops. I don't want it to be hard.


  1. Hi, I found your blog via Homeschool Share blog.

    We have just started home schooling. My oldest is 6 and my youngest 3 (almost 4). Both boys. My oldest started with this "it is too hard" the year before last, and it is almost always when he is tired but doesn't want to stop an activity.

    Now if I see he is tired and is starting to struggle with something, I stop him point blank and tell him that his brain can't think at the moment, he needs some fresh air for his head. Nothing else works, previously this situation usually ended in a tantrum.

    He is also kinesthetic so enjoys the breaks just as much as his math or language work.

    Hope this helps a little.


    1. Thank you for commenting! You're my first! Also, Thanks for sharing your perspective. It makes a lot of sense.

      I'm not sure his learning style yet.

  2. I also found your link through Homeschool Share. My middle child, a little princess of 7, started the "it's too hard" thing last year in public school ... she does it whenever anything comes up where she gets corrected at all which is usually her handwriting. I have her take a deep breath and slow down. Usually a few minutes later she'll look at me and say "your right mom, nothings too hard if you just try, it doesn't have to be perfect." My son used to be that way as well, he's 11 and trying to cope with ADHD, but now he will suddenly stop and ask if he can go for a jog ... the fresh air and physical activity seems to reset his thinking and he's able to settle back down and try again.

    Not sure if that helped.

  3. Thanks, Chrystal! It does help to hear from moms of kids who are older than mine.


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