Saturday, April 14, 2012

Why I want to homeschool my kids

I started writing a post with lots of reasons on why I want to homeschool my kids.

I noticed my reasons all boil down to one main reason -- freedom.

Freedom to ...
  • Teach my kids the material they want to learn, in the way they learn it best
  • Teach my kids things that are important to me and my husband
  • Include our faith in my children's daily learning
  • Make the most of our time. Time spent doing the things we want to do, not wasting our time, and so on
I'm excited and nervous about homeschooling. I know it's going to be a big undertaking. I know there will be times when I'd rather put them on a bus and see them many hours later. Mostly, though, I think it'll be a positive experience for my family.
Parents have reasons for wanting to homeschool, or reasons for wanting to send their children to private school, or to public school. We all have our reasons for the choices we make, and I'm so thankful I live in a country where we can make these choices.
How about you? What are your reasons for homeschool, public or private?

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