Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Learning skills from Don't Break the Ice game

Don't Break The Ice* is a simple, entertaining game for the 3+ crowd. I picked a set up from Walmart the other day for $7.77. This old classic game is good for non-readers and introduces skills such as:
  • Taking turns
  • Following rules of the game
  • Being a good sport (losing and winning gracefully)
  • Strategy -- determining which piece to hammer so it won't fall through, and to perhaps sabotage your opponent
  • Fine motor skills -- hammering ever-so-carefully in one spot
Setting up the ice rink will require an adult or an older child. You have to wedge the ice cubes in place. The 2x2 square which contains an ice-skating polar bear can be placed anywhere in the ice rink, which allows for variety.
Take turns hammering out an ice cube, and the person hammering while the polar bear falls through loses.
Fun, a bit noisy, and can provide 15+ minutes of entertainment. While it's recommended for 2-4 players, you could set up one child with the game and he could entertain himself by seeing how many pieces he can remove before the polar bear falls.
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