Saturday, July 5, 2014

One of the problems with being a curriculum junkie

There are actually many. One problem I'm discovering as I'm trying to piece together our plan for kindergarten is I have so many materials I want to use, but a finite amount of time. We can't do it all!

I'm also seeing that while all-in-one programs are convenient in theory, I don't like everything in the all-in-ones I've seen. So. Harumph. Benefit gone.

I am mapping out kindergarten with the aid of Simply Charlotte Mason ebook "Planning Your Charlotte Mason Education." I appreciate how it takes you from a big-picture view, then year, term, week and day. The SCM blog talks about this, but the ebook has more detail and planning worksheets. I didn't get the DVD so no comment there.

I am also repeating, "This is kindergarten," to myself pretty much every third thought.

So. I'm piecing together kindergarten with way too many resources. A little bit overwhelming and a problem I gave myself.

I'm figuring out what I would like J to learn, how frequent and a general flow to our day. Subject to change, of course. Also, thinking about outside-the-house activities and field trips and how to make it all work.

I do like the idea of planning terms vs. an entire year.

Also on my mind are my other two children. Viv is 3.5 and we're going to call her a preschooler. Millie is 9 months old and she's a babyschooler. Johnny was actually talking about his idea of her curriculum. He said she needed to learn letters, shapes, numbers, and how to not eat things that are not food. Also, how to walk. Haha! Get with it, baby.

Our RightStart math box came a few days ago and swoon! I am loving it. I let the kids look over some of the materials and they are happy. Johnny asked me a few times today about doing the first lesson so I caved and J and V and I did lesson 1, plus some open-ended exploring on the fly.

I was impressed when I asked them to show me 3 on the abacus. Vivie slid 3 beads over. I said ok now make it 6 (her favorite number). She didn't count She just grabbed 3 more and slid them over and said "6." HECK YES, BABY GIRL! High-fives all around.

I will invite Vivie to join us for math lessons as a means of crowd control and inclusion, and if she gets something more out if it then yay.

I'm going to have some activities and one-on-one time for her. Hopefully that will help our days go more smoothly, and maybe help her learn some stuff.

As far as baybay...oh man. Amelia is entering the crazy stage, which Shane and I have observed with our other children that it lasts until oh, 18m? And then they plateau for a few months and then turn 2 and become a different sort of crazy. With this crazy stage, they are becoming increasingly mobile and their hand-mouth coordination is improving...and they are a total hazard to themselves.

So the trick will be to include Amelia in whatever possible (mostly by being in my baby carrier, or perhaps in her high chair with some interesting toys/baby-safe items) and swap out big kids playing with her where I can see them, but have one-on-one time with the other kid. I am nervous about all of that.

Anyways. The good news? It's kindergarten! And I will learn lots. By the time Amelia finishes kindergarten, maybe I will have the whole kindergarten thing figured out.

Where is my coffee.

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  1. So, I think I need to start a homeschool blog too - just to get all the jumbled thoughts out of my head. I haven't become a curriculum junkie (yet) but I do have way too many thoughts than is necessary to accomplish kindergarten (which isn't even starting this year). I'm thinking we'll do a practice round of preschool this fall just to get my feet wet, so maybe I'll start a "still:learning" blog or something . . . haha!


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