Monday, March 3, 2014

Started My Father's World Kindergarten today

After hemming and hawing over this for months, last night I decided that we'd just start MFWK this week and see what happens.

Johnny is 5y2m and to me seems developmentally ready for this program.

Originally, I was going to use this as our true kindergarten year (according to the public school calendar, which would start at the beginning of August this year).

Instead, we're going to start now and just work our way through, taking breaks as needed. I'll decide what to use after we finish MFWK when we get closer to that point.

I'm telling him that his grade is "pre-kindergarten" and we're calling Vivienne's grade "preschool." Subtle difference, but he likes having "kindergarten" in the title. We'll call him an official kindergartner in August. The label doesn't matter much for our purposes, but we'll keep it aligned with the public school progression.

This week, we're learning about the days of creation. We're reading the Bible text about it, and making a page of a book for each day. Johnny intensely loves making books -- he does it on his own all the time, so this is right up his alley.

I printed out a copy of the craft page for Vivie to do if she wanted (the MFW copyright allows this for this unit only) and she didn't want to today. No problem. It's there IFF she wants to participate.

We will continue with our All About Reading program. J finished lesson 10 last week. It's going well, and I think I'm going to add some of the games from our Happy Phonics set. I *think* AAR has a game pack you can purchase for this level, but I've already spent enough money on reading curricula.

Back to MFWK. So looking forward to the first two regular units, Sun (unit 1) and Moon (unit 2)! Johnny loves astronomy. I plan to visit the Children's Museum and view a show at the planetarium when we are somewhere in these units. Squee!

I'll update at the end of the creation unit with some photos and extra books and videos we viewed.

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