Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Great deal on some educational DVDs

We picked up the boxed set of Liberty's Kids and Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego? a few weeks back, and we've watched several episodes together.

They're decent, with some educational content within.

Liberty's Kids focuses on the American Revolution and the Carmen Sandiego one is different than the game show -- it's an animated series tracking Carmen the thief around the world. So it's more geography/cultural/etc. based, I suppose.

Anyway, each show's boxed set contains 40 episodes. At $5.99 per boxed set, that's an insanely cheap deal.

Use it in conjunction with your studies on the American Revolution, or maybe a geography thing, or just for when you are laying on the couch nursing a tiny baby and would rather have something like that vs. total drivel.

Episode list for Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego?

Episode list for Liberty's Kids and see the main website for extras

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