Wednesday, December 5, 2012

If we did Sonlight...

Sonlight is one of the first curricula I'd ever heard of, and the literature-based aspect really appeals to me. I'm aware of some of the drawbacks and I'm not certain if we'll go that route later on, but I'm at least considering it (and many others!)

I emailed one of their advisers today to ask how I might go about combining a Core for the kids. Since Johnny and Vivie are 24m apart, it seems reasonable that in theory I could combine them for a few things. Maybe?

She said I could start Johnny on Core A when he was 7 and Vivie was 5. I don't know if that means the school year in which they turn those ages, or wait until they hit those birthdays before starting. Perhaps I could start more with Johnny and ease back a bit for Viv. I have no idea how it would look in practice.

The adviser said I'd start the 3Rs with Johnny when he was ready. And I guess wing it for other areas.

I could do their Core 3/4 prek and their Core 4/5 prek in the meantime with him, if I wanted.

At this point, I think it's too early for me to tell if that option would work for either child. A lot will depend on how Johnny's learning style and needs develop, as well as Vivienne's. She's a wild card at this point! I know more about how Johnny learns since he is older.

Part of me likes the idea of combining certain areas, but part of me wonders if it truly will work. In other areas, "one-size-fits-all" usually translates to one size sort of working for a few people, but not nearly as well as a personalized fit.

I may not even go with Sonlight, but there could still be a way to effectively combine the kids for some things (science, read-alouds, music, art, maybe history).

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